What Are Some Popular IPod5 Cases for Girls?

What Are Some Popular IPod5 Cases for Girls?

The Comson Waterproof Case, the MyTurtle TM case, the Arbalest slim fit case and the Bastex hybrid case are four popular fifth-generation iPod Touch cases that girls may like. All four feature bright colors and increased protection against impact. The cases are available on Amazon.com.

Made of shock-absorbing and impact-deflecting materials that completely cover the device, the case by Comsoon offers six colors to choose from. Comsoon claims that the case can handle drops from up to 6.6 feet and water up to 6.6 feet depth. The case also keeps the device from gathering dust while keeping all connectors and buttons accessible. The company offers a lifetime warranty with the case.

With multiple layers of protection, the green and pink case by MyTurtle provides protection against scratches and impact. Made of hard plastic and silicone, the case absorbs impact, adds additional grip and reinforces the corners of the iPod. On the back, the case has a circular opening to reveal the Apple logo.

Featuring a screen protector, the slim fit case by Arbalest protects iPods from bumps and scratches. The screen protector also reduces glare and makes the screen easier to see in bright environments. The case comes with a cleaning cloth and an applicator to put the protector on.

With a black and white zigzag pattern on the back, the Bastex hybrid case protects the iPod while keeping its ports and buttons accessible. Featuring a silicone frame, the case comes with a cleaning cloth.