What Are Some Popular IPhone 4s Cases?

What Are Some Popular IPhone 4s Cases?

Some popular iPhone 4S cases include the Sena Lugano, the Ballistic Hard Core, the Trident Aegis and the Slickwraps Gamuza Ultrasuede Wrap. These popular cases offer style and protection for iPhone 4 and 4S models.

Sena’s stylish Lugano case is a hard leather shell that snaps securely onto an iPhone, offering a durable leather exterior and a microsuede lining to protect the phone’s interior. While it doesn’t do much in the way of screen protection, Sena’s case is a cheap, elegant option.

The Ballistic Hard Core offers more serious protection for users who need serious durability. The Hard Core offers drop protection from a distance of up to 12 feet, and its reinforced corners and raised lip screen protection make it one of the sturdiest cases available.

Trident’s Aegis combines a silicone interior with a polycarbonate shell, offering military-grade protection. The Aegis is sturdy but still stylish, offering a variety of colors and a back cutaway that reveals the Apple logo. The case also includes a screen protector and a built-in dust filter.

Slickwraps’ Gamuza Ultrasuede Wrap takes a form over function approach, offering light protection in a unique package. The Gamuza is a precision decal that adheres to an iPhone, with a range of stylish textures available. The wraps won’t do much to save a phone from cracking, but they offer scratch protection and a distinct appearance.