What Are the Most Popular Free Imikimi Photos?

What Are the Most Popular Free Imikimi Photos?

"Winter Girl," "Love," "Contentment" and "RF-Holding You Forever" are the most popular free Imikimi photos as of January 2016. Because the website features user-generated content and relies on views to determine popularity, the most popular photos may change from time to time.

Mostly featuring different tones of blue and gray, "Winter Girl" has a blonde girl in winter clothes standing in front of a snowy forest. There's a blur effect around the girl, and it's visible that the face has been added with an image editor.

"Love" features a picture of a blonde girl on a background consisting of a white sheet and roses. There are also roses in the foreground, as well as heart drawings. The girl is wearing a white hat that blends in with the background and is making a kiss gesture. The roses in the foreground drop shadows over the rest of the image.

Also featuring a blonde girl making a kiss gesture, "Contentment" has a background in black and darker tones of blue, as well as lighter hues in the bottom half. The girl takes up the left half of the picture, and there are sparkles on the top right.

"RF-Holding You Forever" features hands that hold a picture of a middle-aged woman. There are heart drawings and sparkles all around the picture and a pink flower on the foreground. The background is mostly in dark colors.