What Are the Most Popular Health Websites?

The most popular health websites include WebMD, the National Institutes of Health, Healthline and Drugs.com. Others are the Mayo Clinic, MedicineNet, Everyday Health and Healthgrades. Popularity is in terms of the estimated unique monthly visitors to the websites.

The WebMD website offers timely and accurate health information and management tools. It also provides interactive tools such as symptom checkers and support community forums. The NIH is one of the largest sources of funding for medical research in the world. The NIH website provides information on health, medical grants and funding, and research and training. It offers a health service locator for patients to find medical service centres within their location and a platform for patients to communicate with health experts.

Drugs.com is a popular source of online drug information. It provides accurate and reviewed data on thousands of prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs as well as natural products. The site has a pill identifier and interactions checker that patients can use to identify medications and check for drug interactions respectively. The website is also popular for reliable health news.

The Mayo Clinic website provides various health, medical and research information services. Patients can request appointments, explore training opportunities and search prescription and over-the-counter drug information.