What Are Some Popular Food Blogs?

What Are Some Popular Food Blogs?

Popular food blogs include SmittenKitchen.com, WhatsCookingGoodLooking.com, MyNameisYeh.com and ChocolateandMarrow.com. The people behind these blogs give ideas to people who go online seeking inspiration in cooking.

Smitten Kitchen is a popular food blog that features more than 800 recipes. Deb Perelman provides recipes and cooking tutorials on the blog, which features vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, as well as desserts. In her quest to make her recipes accessible, Deb uses ingredients that are readily available.

Jodi Moreno is the founder of the What's Cooking Good Looking blog. She is a natural foods chef and a one-time finalist for the Saveur Most Delicious Food award. Her food blog features many recipes of the vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free varieties.

Molly Yeh, who is of Jewish and Chinese heritage, created My Name is Yeh in 2009. The blog hosts a collection of recipes, and Yeh also writes about her life on a farm. The blog earned her the coveted Saveur Blog of the Year award for 2015.

Brooke Bass started the Chocolate and Marrow blog in 2004. It was recently named a finalist in the Best New Voice category of the Saveur Blog Awards in 2015. The blog features seasonal dishes, desserts and vegetarian dishes, among others.