What Are Some Popular Font Styles?


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Some of the most popular font styles include Circular, Franklin Gothic, Caslon, Gotham and Apercu, according to Typewolf. Official documents require simple fonts, while designers prefer more elaborate fonts for creating logos and letterhead.

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There are traditionally four different font categories: serif, sans serif, script and decorative. Serif fonts are traditional and have little feet on the ends of the letters, sans serif fonts are more streamlined and do not feature feet. Script fonts have joined letters and decorative fonts are best to use minimally for effect only.

People often confuse font and typeface as the same thing, but a typeface is generally the specific letter design, and the font is how that design is delivered. In word processing programs, Times New Roman and Arial are both popular typefaces, while the size of the typeface is the actual font.

When choosing the best type of font to use for a project, designers take into consideration the appropriateness of the font. Books, magazines, website content and business letters make use of plain typefaces. Decorative and script fonts find use most often with logos, invitations, title pages and posters. Decorative fonts attract attention, while basic typefaces are best for delivering long pages of information.

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