What Are Some Popular Features of the Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone?


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Based on reviews on TechRadar.com, TrustedReviews.com and Engadget.com, some of the most popular features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are its large active-matrix organic LED screen, long battery list, high-quality camera and powerful processor. In particular all of the reviews highlight the phone's 720-by-1290-pixel AMOLED display.

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TrustedReviews.com and Engadget.com rave about the phone's 8-megapixel camera, complimenting its speed at taking photos and the clarity of the images. On TechRadar.com, the review indicates that the battery lasts a reasonable amount of time, a stand-out feature for flagship smartphones. Finally, the phone features a Quad Core 1.4 gigahertz processor that makes the phone extremely responsive for nearly all tasks.

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