What Are Some Popular Features of Livio Radio?


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The most popular feature of Livio Radio is the device's core functionality: playing Pandora Internet Radio without a PC or mobile device. It bridges the gap between the traditional radio experience and personalized music streaming via the Internet.

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Beyond the base functionality of the device, many reviewers praise the simplistic design. The front of the Livio Radio features a large speaker, a single knob, six buttons and a headphone jack. The rear has auxiliary in and out ports, an Ethernet port and a spot for the power cable. The buttons on the front of the device are thumbs up, thumbs down, skip, power, favorite and back. Each of these are the same functions found on the PC and mobile versions of Pandora. This simple, familiar design makes the device extremely easy to use.

The Livio Radio's design is also popular for aesthetic reasons. It features a simple, white front panel and a black shell. This gives is a high-contrast, modern look that many users have highlighted as a benefit.

Easy setup is another popular feature of the radio. The Livio Radio can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Users can then log into a Pandora account and begin streaming immediately. An Ethernet cable is even included with the device.

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