What Are Some Popular Content Management Software Programs?


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Popular content management software programs include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TextPattern and ExpressionEngine. These programs enable web developers to build polished websites within a short time by customizing pages using a variety of plugins, themes and templates.

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What Are Some Popular Content Management Software Programs?
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WordPress combines features of PHP and MySQL. It started as a blogging platform suited for sites with relatively simple requirements.The software has a massive user and developer community as well as a large template library and easy PHP and CSS file editing capabilities. It uses themes to determine how the site appears to end users. Developers can download these themes from the WordPress site or develop their own using the PHP language.

Drupal is ideal for large enterprise sites that contain several pages including media sites, intranets and member sites. It contains several add-on modules that cover all aspects of web development. One of its most popular features is the Taxonomy module that allows users to create multiple levels and types of content.

Joomla is more customizable than WordPress and easier to use than Drupal. It uses object-oriented programming techniques and stores data in MS SQL. Unlike WordPress and Drupal, which use themes to define web pages, Joomla utilizes templates to define the appearance of web pages.

TextPattern offers a simple interface and flexible design engine comprising of import tools and a native anti-spam system to block unwanted comments. It uses textile markup to create HTML elements within pages, which are extremely fast-loading.

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