What Are Some Popular Coding Programs?


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Popular coding programs include Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL and PHP. Developers use these programs to improve the functionality of Web pages, link databases to websites and develop server-side scripts.

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Java is an object-oriented coding program used to design server-side applications for mobile phones and video games. It has reusable software components and forms the core foundation for developing Android applications. Its WORA mantra, which stands for Write Once, Read Anywhere, makes the code portable across various computer architectures and operating systems. JavaScript adds behavior to Web browsers and servers. It allows developers to add functionality and interactivity to Web pages.

PHP is a multiparadigm language used for creating dynamic Web pages. It has numerous prebuilt modules that developers customize to get ideal results and display SQL queries via HTML. The program processes code on the server and sends the end results to the user as plain HTML text.

Python is a high-level coding language that runs on a range of platforms. Developers consider it as the easiest coding program to learn because of its clear, expressive syntax. Programmers mainly use Python to develop scientific and numerical software. The Structured Query Language code appears as standalone lines known as queries. Each query is an instruction to either create, read, update or delete data.

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