What Are Some Popular Cellphones on the Market?


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The mobile phone industry includes four types of smartphones: Windows, Android, Apple iPhone and BlackBerry. Among them, the two most popular categories of phones have the Android or Apple iPhone operating systems installed on them.

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As of early 2015, the United States market share held by Google, who makes Android, and by Apple, who makes the iPhone, has been nearly tied. Together, these companies control the majority of the mobile phone industry, with Microsoft's Windows phones taking a sliver of the pie and BlackBerry becoming less and less popular each year, at least in the United States.

Unlike Apple and BlackBerry, who make their own devices, both Google and Microsoft's operating systems are available to run on a large number of mobile devices made by various manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC and others. Among consumers this year, the most popular phones on the domestic market are the iPhone 6 by Apple, the Galaxy S5 by Samsung, the iPhone 6 Plus by Apple, the Galaxy Note 3 by Samsung, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Other popular cell phones currently on the market include the LG G4, the HTC One, the Nexus 6 and the Nokia Lumia, which runs Windows.

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