What Are Some of the Most Popular Cases for the IPhone 4?

Three popular iPhone 4 cases are the Sena Lugano case, the Ballistic Hard Core case and the Trident Aegis case, according to Digital Trends. These cases provide protection for the phone while still being aesthetically appealing.

The Sena Lugano Case, which is made of leather, fits snugly on the iPhone 4S. Cutouts in the leather reveal the camera, ports and buttons. The interior of the case is lined with micro suede to protect the screen from scratches.

The Ballistic Hard Core Case claims to protect the iPhone 4S from falls of up to 12 feet. The corners of the case are reinforced especially to absorb any impact and protect the phone from breaking. A raised lip around the edge of the screen protects the phone from shattering, and plastic covers over the ports protect them from dust.

The Trident Aegis Case, which is made of silicone with a polycarbonate shell, meets many military standards for protection against drops. A circular cutout on the back of the case showcases the Apple logo, and the screen is protected from scratches. Dust filters are built in to the back of the phone. This case is available in a variety of colors, including pink and black.