What Are Some Popular Brands of Recording Studio Software?


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Some of the best audio recording software includes Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools and Propellerhead Reason. These Digital Audio Workstations give musicians and producers the tools to record and edit audio.

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Ableton Live is one of the most popular audio programs, offering substantial resources for both recording and live performance. The program offers multi-track recording for unlimited tracks, a range of editing features and highly customizable MIDI sequencing software. Ableton also comes equipped with an expansive library of pre-recorded sounds, allowing for a range of recording and sampling. The software is also one of the best for integration with live performances, and many companies make hardware specifically designed to interface with Ableton.

Avid’s Pro Tools is the industry standard for audio recording, a program so complex and powerful that entire professional courses are dedicated to learning its features. Pro Tools is equipped for every aspect of the music production process, including composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering. The software also comes with a huge library of plug-ins and effects, from reverb and compression to equalization. Pro Tools’ learning curve is steep, but many professionals swear by it.

Propellerhead’s Reason isn’t as popular as Pro Tools or Ableton, but the software is some of the most stable and powerful available. Reason’s interface allows for dragging and dropping of effects and patches, making it an intuitive workstation. Reason also includes a host of amp and speaker plug-ins, making it ideal for recording guitar or bass.

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