What Are Some Popular Brands of Dash Cameras?


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Popular brands of dashboard cameras listed by Digital Trends include E-Prance, Timetec, Abeo and GoPro. Other notable brands of dashboard cameras are Lukas and Black Box.

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E-Prace manufactures the top-rated Mini 0801 DVR dashboard camera, which commonly retails for around $90, as of 2015. This camera offers 1080p resolution, a 140 degree wide angle lens, and 8 gigabytes of internal storage. The Roadhawk by Timetec is a more expensive option at around $400. This dashboard camera has up to 64 gigabytes of external storage and features a GPS tracker and electronic image stabilization. It also has an external microphone input. The GoPro Hero 3 is not specifically a dashboard camera, but it functions easily as one. This camera costs around $400 as well, but it has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for sharing videos easily.

Abeo's designed its top model, the HDVR-150, as a rearview mirror, and it plugs directly into the vehicle's cigarette lighter. This camera has a 2.4-inch LCD screen built into it, which allows for instant playback of footage. The Lukas LK-7900 can film 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and sports a built-in powerful lithium-ion battery. This camera also has a heat-resistant setting for high-temperature environments. Black Box markets its G1W DVR dashboard camera toward night drivers, as it uses enhanced infrared LED lights.

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