What Are Some Popular Blogs That Are Updated Daily?


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As of November 2015, the most popular blogs on the Internet are The Huffington Post, TMZ, Business Insider, Mashable and Gizmodo. Other blogs that have daily posts include LifeHacker, Gawker, The Daily Beast, Tech Crunch and Perez Hilton.

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The Huffington Post is a news-aggregating blog that takes a large portion of its content from less-visited blogs. There are daily posts about world news, politics, entertainment and health.

Celebrity blogs are common on the Internet. TMZ is an entertainment blog with daily content about the latest gossip and news concerning celebrities, and is notorious for attention-getting headlines that often rile up controversy. The site generally covers celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries. Perez Hilton, like TMZ, posts a mixture of news and speculation concerning the lives of celebrities. Gawker mostly sticks to celebrity news, along with some posts concerning strange general news stories.

Many popular Internet blogs, such as Mashable, Gizmodo and Tech Crunch, feature daily updates on the technology field. Business Insider posts daily news stories primarily aimed to business-oriented readers; it also posts selected stories about sports, politics and entertainment. The Daily Beast focuses on politics but also posts daily about news and entertainment developments. LifeHacker posts daily tips for everyday life.

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