What Are Some Popular Apps for Windows 7?

What Are Some Popular Apps for Windows 7?

Some popular apps for Windows 7 include the Facebook, Urbanspoon, Netflix and Amazon apps, all of which are ranked as essential on Microsoft's Apps for Windows website. Windows 7 users can find more apps by opening the Windows App Store on the operating system's home screen.

The Facebook app features a touch-optimized version of the social media website, with pop-up messaging and a sidebar containing groups, games, events and photos. This app also features a top friends chat list, group chat and convenient search bar. It is similar to the Facebook app available on iOS and Android.

Urbanspoon's app includes Bing Smart Search to easily locate restaurants near the device. Its restaurant listings feature descriptions, photos, ratings and customer reviews. This app also allows users to write and post reviews or check in at locations.

The Netflix app enables full-screen movie watching, as well as easy queue editing and movie searches. Users can update their payment information, change their subscription plans or edit the categories on their home pages from the app.

Amazon for Windows 7 features wish lists, shopping categories, personalized suggestions and a complete My Account screen. Users can access past and current orders, write reviews for recent purchases and update their addresses and credit card information.