What Are Some Popular Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

What Are Some Popular Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Some popular apps for Samsung Galaxy S5 are Swiftkey keyboard, S Health, DU battery saver, Audible and VSCO cam. These apps make the most of Samsung Galaxy S5's features and ensure users fully enjoy their smartphone.

The Swiftkey keyboard prevents embarrassing or incorrect text messages due to autocorrect fails. With a heat sensor that builds heat maps of the user's keystrokes, the app adapts to the user's typing quirks and keeps a record of his most common phrases. The app can save longer phrases as well, allowing users to enter only a few keystrokes to send saved messages.

S Health works with Galaxy S5's built-in heart rate monitor, and users can take their pulse and save it in the app to monitor their health.

Audible lets users listen to audio books from anywhere, and the app has a multi-tasking functionality that allows users to do other things on their phone while listening. Users can also easily switch between traditional and audio versions of books.

VSCO cam makes use of the Galaxy S5's 16-megapixel camera. The app also includes photo-editing features and filters. The DU battery saver app helps users identify apps that are draining their battery, saving up to 50 percent of their phones' power.