What Are Some Popular Apps for Laptop Computers?

What Are Some Popular Apps for Laptop Computers?

Some popular applications for laptop computers include Firefox, Google Chrome, AVG AntiVirus Free, WinDirStat, OnLive, OpenOffice, Digsby, Audacity, ImgBurn 2.5 and VLC Media Player, notes CNET.com. As of 2015, all of these applications are free and are considered essential downloads to any laptop computer by the CNET editors.

There are many applications available to help enhance a customer's computer experience. For example, both Firefox and Google Chrome are good options for free Web browser applications. Both are easy to use and users of Google Docs may find that the program runs faster on Chrome, notes CNET.com.

An antivirus application is essential and AVG AntiVirus Free is recommended by CNET editors. Readers also recommend the free antivirus application Avast. There are removal tool applications for both Norton and McAfee for those who wish to remove the preinstalled free trails.

For users who enjoy playing video games on their computer, OnLive is popular. The application moves the CPU and GPU-intensive running of game software to a remote render farm. The game is then streamed on the computer as a video, which allows faster play. For those who need to edit audio files, Audacity is a good choice, notes CNET.com.

Some other popular applications for laptop computers include TrueCrypt, HTTP Everywhere, Hotspot Shield, Comodo Firewall, Connectify, Free Download Manager, YouTube Downloader HD, BatteryCare and Read It Later, notes PCWorld.com.