What Are Some Popular Web Apps?


Google Drive, along with its associated Web apps, is a popular option for office software. Microsoft Office 365 offers many of the features of Microsoft Office through an online interface. Video streaming services also rely on sophisticated Web apps to allow viewers to watch programming through a browser.

Google Drive is a cloud-based file management suite that allows users to share files with devices that have Internet access. Users can also load these files in Google's Web applications, including its suite of office tools. Google Docs offers many of the features of standard word processing programs, while Sheets offers sophisticated spreadsheet capabilities. Google Slides is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based office suite that offers many of the features of Microsoft's standalone Office suite. Much like Google's office tools, Office 365 offers tools for collaborative work and software that tracks changes to documents.

A number of video streaming apps are popular as well. Netflix offers a sophisticated Web app interface to its collection of television shows, movies and original programming, while Hulu and Hulu Plus provide original programming and television programming. Amazon Prime Instant Video allows offers a broad selection of programming for subscribers and also provides a Web app that allows users to pay for other media.