What Are Some Popular Answering Machine Greetings?


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Some popular answering machine greetings are messages that apologize for failing to answer the call and messages that state when a person plans to return home or to the office. In addition, many people choose to use the default voice mail message that comes with the cellular phone or to record a humorous message.

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Many popular answering machine greetings try to appear friendly to business customers by apologizing for missing the phone call. The message asks the caller to state his name, phone number and the purpose of the call. In most cases, the message promises a return phone call. Business answering machines also often state that the person that usually answers the phone is either on another phone call or away from his desk. Another common business answering machine message suggests that the caller visit the company's website.

The default answering machine message for the iPhone says that the caller has reached the voice mail box of a certain number. The default message then repeats the number that the caller reached. Alternatively, a popular answering machine message simply says that the recipient is unavailable to take the call.

Some popular answering machine greetings use humor, such as simply stating that the caller already knows the drill. Alternatively, a popular greeting is to say that the person might actually be available to answer the phone but that he cannot find the phone. Another greeting is to say that the person can't answer the phone because he wants to avoid someone. Another popular funny answering machine message says that the answer machine is broken but that the refrigerator is the appliance that is answering the phone instead.

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