What Are Some Popular African American Websites?

What Are Some Popular African American Websites?

Popular African-American websites include madamenoire.com, thegrio.com, essence.com and theroot.com. These websites report on information of particular interest to many in the black community and offer style and lifestyle advice.

Madame Noire is a lifestyle site catering to the interests of black women. The site offers advice, editorials and commentary on information such as the lightening and darkening of skin color in advertising and other visual communications, style and hair tips, and lifestyle advice. The magazine also covers the lives and relationships of black celebrities, particularly female celebrities such as Demetria McKinney and Kelly Rowland.

The Grio is an online news magazine. Reporting focuses on topics such as events leading up to and surrounding the Black Lives Matter protests of 2015. The magazine also covers professional athletics and entertainment, health and political news.

Essence.com, which is the online portal of the well-known African-American women's magazine, offers content complementary to that in the print publication. The magazine focuses on African-American lifestyle, fashion and media.

The Root features crime reporting such as stories on courtroom happenings, high-profile cases, unsolved potential hate crimes and African-American entertainment figures who have run afoul of the law. The magazine also covers uplifting news related to African-Americans, sports figures and popular entertainment.