What Are Some Popular Academic Software Programs?

What Are Some Popular Academic Software Programs?

Encore Elementary Advantage, Math Success, JumpStart Reading, JumpStart Typing and Speedstudy Statistics are some popular academic software programs as of 2015. Educational software programs are different, and an individual should purchase one made by a professional with teaching standards in mind.

Encore Elementary Advantage is a student resource center that has the tools to encourage a student to reach his academic potential. It has learning resources such as exercises, quizzes and lessons to give the child a good academic foundation. The lessons are engaging and interactive, making sure that the student acquires good academic skills while having fun.

Math Success is another popular academic software program. It has interactive lessons that make the student a critical thinker and develop math skills. The software program has a high level of engagement, and a student cannot get easily distracted or bored. A student develops accuracy and understanding of different math areas such as algebra, statistics and geometry, among others.

JumpStart Reading helps first graders develop good reading skills. It is in the form of puzzles and fun carnival games that enhance vocabulary and improve sentence building skills. The lessons enable the first grader to identify and pronounce vowel sounds correctly.

JumpStart Typing helps the student develop good typing skills through typing lessons and arcade-style games. The games help the student learn how to type in an easy and fun manner. The software program has 30 lessons that help students build their typing skills.

Speedstudy Statistics helps students develop skills in math and guarantees good grades and scores in future tests. The software also helps students become critical thinkers and develop problem-solving skills.