What Are Some Police Scanner Number Codes?


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Some common police scanner number codes are code 2, which indicates an urgent situation, code 5, which indicates a stakeout, code 4, which indicates that the officer needs no further assistance, and code 11, which indicates a SWAT call up. Police also use numbered penal codes when communicating with headquarters.

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Police scanner penal codes are numbered codes that officers use to quickly and efficiently communicate information about a situation to police headquarters. Some examples of penal codes are 14, which indicates that an ambulance is in route, 18, which indicates a traffic incident, 20i, which indicates an injury has occurred and 30, which indicates a homicide has occurred. Police use scanner 11 codes to communicate highway or roadway situations. The code 11-25, for example, indicates a traffic hazard.

Police use scanner 10 codes for quick, shorthand communication. Fire departments also use 10 codes as a way of making communication more effective by replacing actual words with numbers. Examples of 10 codes include 10-4, indicating that the officer received a message, 10-9, indicating that the officer would like the messenger to repeat the message, 10-10, indicating that the officer is off duty, and 10-38, indicating the officer's location. Police also use several color codes to communicate messages efficiently.

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