How Do You Play "Tux Paint?"?

How Do You Play "Tux Paint?"?

Tux Paint is a free, open source computer art software for kids. Firstly, download and install the Tux Paint software. To start with a new drawing, click the New option. Tux paint starts with a blank canvas.

The child can begin with starter pictures that either have a background or a foreground or both. The black and white images have an image outline, and the child has to fill in the images with colours.

Also, there are already coloured pictures that the child can morph into images with the help of the distortion tools.

The various drawing tools available in this program include paint brushes, rubber stamps, line tools, shape tools, text and label tools, erasers and magic tools. There are various colouring options. Using the various brushes, the child can sketch freehand drawings. To include perfectly straight lines in the drawing, use the line tool. The shape tool enables him to incorporate filled and unfilled shapes of various colours and at different angles.

A text tool lets him add text to the drawing and is helpful in designing greeting cards. There are vivid stamp themes already inbuilt in the software, or the user can create his own. A majority of the stamps can be edited to be shrunk, mirrored, grown or flipped. The stamp tool enables the artist to embed presketched or photo images within the drawing.

The magic tools allow the child to add special effects to his drawings. Use the Save option to save the drawing.