How Do You Play an SRT File on Windows Media Player?

An SRT file can be played on Windows Media Player Classic by simply opening the file and playing it with the video that is playing; in Windows Media Player for Windows 7, the file can only be opened when a VobSub plugin is installed. Since Windows Media Player 7 is equipped to play subtitles, an external SRT file is often not needed.

SRT files are files that contain information for a specific video program. They are usually added onto DVDs to give users the option to watch the program with subtitles. They can be included on the DVD in various languages and are programmed to start exactly when the video does. They contain timing information for the entire movie, but they might slow down some movies if the computer is not equipped with large enough video space.

Windows Media Player for Windows 7 includes a large variety of options for watching videos on the program. Users can choose different languages and can choose the way that their subtitles are displayed on the screen. These subtitles can be accessed by opening the menu, clicking the play button and clicking the captions option. The "on if available" button can then be chosen to play the subtitles along with the video. Subtitles generally play at the top of the screen, but this can be changed in the internal settings of the program.