How Do You Play "Operate Now" Games?


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Play the various "Operate Now" games by following the onscreen instructions to select the appropriate item necessary to prep a patient for surgery, then perform the procedure. Each game offers a different focus with new tools and equipment, though all games clearly outline the tasks necessary for each step.

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All actions in the game take place through clicking on various locations, usually an icon to select a tool. After choosing the tool, click on the area of the screen with the green circle to initiate the action. Some sections require you to move the tool over a certain area, click multiple times on the patient or drag the mouse around to simulate use of the tool.

At the start of each "Operate Now" game, you have the option to begin the game or access one of the other games in the series. Once you begin the game, a nurse greets you and introduces you to the patient while explaining her ailment and the surgery needed to fix it. The first step is selecting the appropriate operating room in which to perform the operation, followed by the preparation phase. This phase varies between games, as the steps to get the patient ready depend on the procedure. For example, in the game "Operate Now Brain Surgery," the first preparation step is to sedate the patient, then remove her hair.

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