How Do You Play Nick Jr. Games Online?


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To play Nick Jr. games online, go to NickJr.com, click on the Games heading at the top of the page, and select a game. Nick Jr. offers a large selection of free children's computer games based on Nickelodeon television shows.

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Nick Jr. offers a full catalog of games aimed at young children. Browse the games by selecting a category from the drop-down menu. Game categories include New Games, Most Popular and Favorites. Games that the user plays frequently are added to the Favourites category. The games are also organized by the show they are associated with: for example, "Paw Patrol," "Mike the Knight," and "Dora the Explorer." Most of the games use characters and settings from a particular show, but are not based on canonical plotlines.

All of the games on Nick Jr. use keyboard and mouse controls. The exact controls vary by game. For example, in "Mike the Knight: Arrows and Apples," the player uses the mouse to aim and shoot a bow and arrow to knock apples off a tree. In "Nick Jr. Party Racers," players use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move, accelerate and decelerate their virtual vehicles. Each game begins with a short animated sequence explaining the controls and points system.

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