How Do You Play Music From a Phone in a Car?


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There are two basic ways of playing music from a phone on a car's stereo system. One way is to connect the phone's output to the car's audio system's auxiliary input. The other way involves using the phone as a mass storage device if the car's system supports such an option.

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How Do You Play Music From a Phone in a Car?
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The major advantage of using the phone's headphone output to connect to the stereo's auxiliary input is that it is a relatively simple process, and the listener can simply hit play to continue enjoying the music from the point he was listening to it before getting into the car. One of drawbacks of this method is that all audio playback functions except the volume must be controlled from the phone, which may pose a danger if the driver is by himself. Another drawback is that this method quickly drains the phone's battery. Therefore, it's also a good idea to plug the phone into a charger.

In the second method of listening to music from a phone, the car's stereo system treats the phone as a generic mass storage device, such as a memory card. This method may not allow access to all the playlists on the phone. However, it does allow the listener to use the controls of the stereo system as normal, and in some cases, the phone may be able to draw power from the USB connection so that the process doesn't drain the phone's battery.

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