How Do You Play FLV Files?


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The Flash Video file, or FLV, is a video format of Adobe Systems. This file format shows up as embedded video on many Internet pages, and playing an FLV file requires an application that supports it. Alternatively, you can convert the FLV file to another file format using an online file conversion service or downloadable conversion software.

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  1. Double-click the file

    Double-click the FLV file, and allow your operating system to select a program to open it. If the file does not open, there are no programs installed on the computer that are capable of playing an FLV file.

  2. Download a program capable of opening FLV files

    If the file does not open after double-clicking it, find and download a software program that is compatible with the FLV format. Make sure the website is trustworthy before downloading the program. Free programs that support the FLV format include Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, VLC media player and Winamp.

  3. Convert the FLV file to another format

    Another option is to convert the FLV file to a format capable of running on your current software. Find an online file conversion service such as CloudConvert, or download file conversion software such as Zamzar or Prism Video Converter.

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