How Do You Play Angry Birds Go?

How Do You Play Angry Birds Go?

Users play Angry Birds Go! by tilting or touching the mobile device screen to steer a racing cart along tracks on the fictional Piggy Island. Players collect coins as they race around the track.

Angry Birds Go! features chapters for the different courses. Each course has a different background and different competitors that the user races against. Within each course, the user has five race style options: race, time boom, splat, versus and champion chase.

The user selects a racing kart to use for the round. Players also have the option of using Telepods to select a kart. Telepods are small toys with QR codes that players scan.

The race starts when the player launches his kart from a slingshot. Users have the option of controlling the cart with either touch or tilt controls. In the touch version, users tap either the right or left side of the screen to make the cart turn. In the tilt version, the user tilts the entire device either left or right to make the cart turn.

The player directs the kart along the course to collect coins and avoid obstacles. The characters have special powers, which players use to get ahead in the game. The game also features a multiplayer option.