How Do You Play AMR Files?


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An AMR file can be played by clicking on the file and letting the computer select an appropriate program with which to open it. If the computer cannot find a program to open the AMR file, there are many programs that users can download to play the file. Many audio and video programs can open AMR files, including RealPlayer and QuickTime.

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It is also possible to convert AMR files to other audio formats. One way to do this is by first opening the AMR file in its default audio program. Next, choose to save the open file in another format. If the file cannot be opened or cannot be saved in another format, there are programs available that can convert AMR files to other formats. Free AMR to MP3 Converter is one free program that can convert AMR files to the more widely used MP3 format. The program uses a simple, Winzip-style interface and allows users to convert one file or multiple files at a time. AMR stands for Adaptive Multi-Rate ACELP Codec. Adaptive Multi-Rate is a compression method typically used for encoding speech-based audio files. Many modern cell phones store audio in the AMR format, including the Android's voice recorder function and the iPhone's iMessage program. The format's properties generally make it unsuited for types of audio other than speech recordings.

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