What Are Some Places That Sell AT&T Prepaid Calling Cards?


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Some stores that sell AT&T prepaid calling cards include online phone card merchants such as SpeedyPin and ZapTel. Shoppers can place online orders for AT&T prepaid calling cards on these companies' official websites at SpeedyPin.com and ZapTel.com, respectively.

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SpeedyPin.com offers genuine AT&T phone cards in various denominations. As of 2015, this online retailer sells prepaid phone cards that provide 120, 900 and 1,200 minutes of network service. The cards available on SpeedyPin.com can be used in various places abroad, including American military facilities where AT&T tents are installed. Individuals who purchase from SpeedyPin.com receive the PIN code through an email service. As of October 2015, this merchant offers discounted prices for AT&T prepaid calling cards.

ZapTel.com sells authentic AT&T phone cards that can be used for making domestic and overseas calls with access codes available for more than 200 countries. ZapTel.com provides users with key information about the product, calling instructions, access numbers and a rate chart. As of 2015, this company also accepts offline orders and bulk order requests.

ComputNet Communications, through its website CompuNetCentral.com, also offers brand new in-package AT&T prepaid calling cards. Some cards available for purchase include the AT&T 100-minute calling card and AT&T 900-minute calling card. Customers can use the company's special order service for AT&T prepaid calling cards that are not in stock. Special orders are typically shipped within three to four weeks, notes CompuNetCentral.com.

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