Which Places Recycle Old TV Sets?


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Some recyclers and retailers will take old televisions for recycling, for a fee, as most large electronics can be recycled for their raw materials. Best Buy is an example of a company that offers recycling services for large appliances for a small fee when replacing them with newer sets.

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When looking for a recycling company to take an old television or other large appliance, local and federal laws must be considered. Some conditions may change what can be recycled and what companies will accept old televisions. These companies break down the television into its basic components, such as plastic, gold and copper for use in later industry.

A good way to recycle an old television that still is still functioning is to donate it to a place that needs it. In the case of broken or unusable televisions, certain recyclers can be found across the United States, however some will not properly recycle the machines. Some companies are known to export the televisions out to foreign nations instead of recycling them. Companies that follow regulations and tend to be higher quality will actually recycle the old machines, and will refurbish the machines and resell or donate them in some cases.

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