How Do You Place a Watermark in Word?

How Do You Place a Watermark in Word?

To place a watermark in Word, go to the Page Layout menu and select the Watermark option. In the Watermark pull-down menu, choose a watermark from templates, or use the Custom Watermark option to design one.

  1. Locate the Page Layout menu

    In current versions of Word, the Page Layout menu is located on the second tab to the right of the Home menu. Click to open the Page Layout tab.

  2. Find the Watermark option

    The Watermark option is located in the Page Background group on the Page Layout tab’s Quick Access menu. Click Watermark to open.

  3. Pick a watermark template

    On the Watermark pull-down menu, you have the option to pick a canned watermark from groups of templates labeled Confidential, Disclaimers and “Urgent. Click on a template to place the watermark on the background of your current document.

  4. Design a custom watermark

    Click on the Custom Watermark option at the bottom of the Watermark pull-down menu. Use the options in the Printed Watermark pop-up window to choose language, text, font, size, color and layout. You can also choose to use a picture as a watermark. Once you have made your selections, click Apply, then OK. Your custom watermark displays in the background of your document.