Where Is a Place to Find Ninja Turtle Coloring Pages?


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Free Ninja Turtle coloring pages are available at Coloring Book, Mom Junction and Fun Coloring Pages. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles originated in a 1984 comic book. As of 2015, Nickelodeon owns the rights to the TMNT as intellectual property, but their creator retains the rights to publish comic books.

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Work on the TMNT mini-series began in 1987, to help sell action figures. The first animated series lasted until 1996 on CBS. In 1990, Jim Henson's Creature Shop produced the animatronics suits for the first live action film. Nickelodeon worked with Paramount Pictures to produce the 2014 live action film.

Leonardo is the leader of the group of four turtles. He wears the blue mask and carries two swords. The series frequently sets him in opposition to Raphael. Michelangelo is the least mature of the turtles. He wears the orange mask and uses nunchucks as his weapon. Raphael is the bad boy of the team, who wears the dark red mask and uses two sai, dagger-like instruments with additional hooks on the sides. He is quick to react, which sometimes leads to unnecessary battles. Donatello is the thinker of the team, who attempts to use reasoning to solve their problems. He is the least violent of the four

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