How Does the Pixie Software Help Kids Learn?

How Does the Pixie Software Help Kids Learn?

Pixie helps students learn by keeping them engaged in the educational process. The software allows students to combine their artwork, text and voice recordings to create one-of-a-kind interactive digital projects. It incorporates today's digital technology with current curriculum to help students of all skill levels master their subjects.

As of 2015, Pixie works on Windows computers, Macintosh computers, netbooks, iPads and Android tablets. Files can be moved from one device to another, so students can work in different formats at school and at home without losing any of their work.

According to independent, peer-reviewed research studies, students who use Pixie show more significant gains that students who do not use the software program. The program is designed to help students meet Common Core standards and curriculum objectives.

Once a student completes a project on Pixie, he can share his work by creating videos, HTML5 Web pages, ePub files or printed documents. Work can even be placed on a secure website,, to enable viewing by friends and family members across the globe.

Interested parties can visited to request a detailed quote, try out Pixie at no charge, view peer-reviewed research studies, and learn more about current pricing and system requirements.