How Does a Pixel Protector Work?

How Does a Pixel Protector Work?

A pixel protector is a tool for calibrating a plasma, LCD or LED screen and removing problems such as screen burn and stuck pixels. The brand name Pixel Protector refers to a product sold on DVD or Blu Ray, but similar services are also available online, such as the JScreenFix.

Static images can create screen burn on LCD or plasma screens. This is often caused by TV channel logos or games consoles. A "shadow" of the image remains for some time on the screen and, if not corrected, builds up over time and can, on plasma screens, burn in permanently. Stuck pixels, another common problem, are single pixels that keep displaying a single color.

Pixel repair software fixes both problems by toggling pixels on and off rapidly for a few hours, which resets them. Removing more severe burn requires running the program several times, or it may not be possible to remove entirely.

The Pixel Protector, and many similar products, also has other image calibrating features, such as eliminating color bleed and guides to optimizing brightness and contrast according to the user's preference, with the help of test images.

Dead pixels, or pixels that do not display any color at all, cannot be fixed by any pixel repair software.