What Is Pinoy Ako Online Tambayan?

Pinoy Ako Online Tambayan is a website (pinoy-ako.ws) where popular shows by Filipino mainstream TV channels can be watched online. The country code, .ws, indicates that the site is presently registered in Western Samoa.

Currently there are a number of websites that use the expression “pinoy” in their designation such as pinoy-ako24.com, akoypinoy.info and pusongpinoytv.com. They all replay popular Filipino soap operas, sporting events and news programming, often just minutes after the programs air on their original channels.

These websites have been opposed by the largest television corporation in the Philippines, ABS-CBN. The company won a lawsuit that saw the removal of a number of websites by the order of the US Court of Oregon in August 2014, and it filed a new lawsuit before the end of that year against a different set of 18 websites on charges of piracy.

However, sites with the designation “pinoy” or “pinay” keep reappearing online, with different country codes. “Pinoy” is used within the names of these websites because it means Filipino. It takes the four last letters of the word and adds the common termination “y” of the indigenous Tagalog language to create a diminutive. Since “ako” is a personal pronoun translated as "me", the names all roughly mean “I am Filipino”. Although "pinoy" was once seen as a derogatory term, it is now widely used.