How Do You Find Pictures and Videos of Animal Babies Online?

Find pictures and videos of animal babies online by searching the image databases of National Geographic and Animal Planet. Alternatively, use YouTube to find user-uploaded videos of animal babies. View the content on all three websites for free and without signing up for an account.

To find animal baby pictures on National Geographic, click on the search box on the banner at the top, and type words that refer to animal babies. Some ideas are cub, kitten and foal. Select the type of content you want to view by clicking on a category below the large search box. Click Photography to view pictures and Videos to view videos.

Once on the home page of Animal Planet, click the magnifying glass on the top right to access the search function. Type words that refer to animal babies, and hit Enter. Animal Planet does not categorize search results. As such, it may also display news and blog posts in addition to pictures and videos by Animal Planet.

Use the search box at the top on YouTube to find videos of baby animals. Filter or sort search results by clicking the Filter button on the top left. YouTube offers videos up to 4K resolution. National Geographic and Animal Planet also have official channels on YouTube. Use the search box to find them.