How Do You Get the Picture-in-Picture to Work on a VIZIO TV?

In order to display the Picture-in-Picture, or PIP, on a VIZIO television, a coaxial splitter needs to connect the "in" and "out" ports from the TV to the cable box. VIZIO TVs use the PIP function by relying on multiple input sources.

PIP allows users to watch two shows simultaneously. It creates a smaller box on the corner of the television, which can display any of the inputs found the on the TV. Use the following instructions to correctly set up the PIP function on a VIZIO TV.

  1. Power down the components
  2. Turn off the TV and cable box.

  3. Disconnect the cable box coaxial cable
  4. Remove the wall coaxial cable that connects into the "in" section of the cable box and connect it into the "in" section of the coaxial splitter.

  5. Connect the coaxial cable to the splitter
  6. Connect two coaxial cables into the "out" portion of the splitter.

  7. Connect the TV
  8. Connect one of the coaxial cables into the TV's input.

  9. Connect the cable box
  10. Connect the second coaxial cable from the splitter to the "in" section on the cable box.

  11. Turn on the TV and program the PIP
  12. Turn on the TV and select the "HDMI" function. Press the PIP button on the remote, and select the input for the screen.