How Do You Pick a Good Online Username?


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To pick a good online username, consider the type of site where you intend to create an account, add numbers to create a unique username, and use clean, appropriate words. Use your real name when signing up for an account on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, allowing relatives, friends and others to find you easily. However, avoid using your name when making an account on gaming sites, particularly if you prefer to keep your identity confidential.

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When combining words with numbers to come up with a distinct username, avoid using your birth date to protect your personal information. Use a username that represents you well and conveys professionalism when signing up on a website where your potential employer, business associates or clients can find you.

Read the site rules to know about particular restrictions on the creation of usernames. Try using a username generator to get interesting ideas. When choosing a Twitter username, think of a good variation of your real name, and add an interesting adjective that describes you to make the name unique. You may also opt for a generic username to stay anonymous.

Select a friendly Twitter username that you don't mind showing to everyone, as your social media friends can tag you with your username. A short username that is less than 15 characters is ideal on Twitter.

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