Which Phones Have Voice Command Features?

Phones that have voice command features include devices running on Microsoft Windows, iOS 5 and higher and Android OS. Some of these smartphones are the Samsung Galaxy S4, Motorola's Moto-X and the iPhone 5S (iOS 7), as noted by USA Today. Additionally, Blackberry OS phones have voice command capabilities.

Phones that have voice command capabilities can perform a variety of tasks from dictating emails to playing music, as noted by USA Today. Most of the smartphones with this capability typically can perform similar tasks.

Siri is the personal assistant feature on Apple devices that uses speech-to-text technology so users can ask a question or give a command. Siri answers back in a human voice and performs the assigned task, which can include finding information on the Web or accessing calendar appointments or reminders.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 devices have the S Voice personal assistant, which is a built-in application. Some functions performed by S Voice are making appointments and posting updates to social media websites.

The voice command feature on the Moto-X is comparable to Siri on the iPhone in terms of its quick responses to a variety of commands, as noted by USA Today. Some useful voice commands used on the Moto-X include "Talk to me" and "Send text to John Doe."

The Blackberry 10 phone has a voice control feature that is also useful for multitasking. There are various commands given on a list for users that are similar to the previous commands utilized on other phone models or brands.