What Are Some Free Phones Offered by Life Wireless?

As of 2015, some free phones offered by Life Wireless include cellular handsets such as the Nokia 6010, the Samsung Flight II and the Logic X1. Life Wireless also offers free SIM cards to clients who wish to use their existing phones.

Life Wireless does not manufacture any phones itself. It distributes phones to people who qualify for its free telephone service. Hearing aid compatible phones are available upon request; otherwise, the program sends a standard cellphone.

The service offers phones of many different models, representing a range of technologies. For example, one phone offered by the service, the Nokia 6010, was released in 2003 and has only basic telephone features and limited Web-browsing capability. The Logic X1, in contrast, is a high-tech touchscreen model with a dual-core CPU, two digital cameras and a high-resolution display. The Samsung Flight, released in 2010, is somewhere in between the two in terms of technology. It comes with a touchscreen and an attached keyboard.