What Phones Are Compatible With Page Plus?

Phone brands on the Page Plus network list that are compatible with the system include models from Apple, Blackberry, Casio and HTC, as of 2015. In addition, brands such as LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung are compatible. However, not all phones made by these brands are compatible.

A full list of compatible phones is available at the Page Plus Direct website under the Services tab. The company also sells compatible phones guaranteed to work on the network including the LG Lucid and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Though many compatible phones work on the Page Plus network, several popular phones do not, and some the phones only work in certain capacities. For example, the Blackberry Curve only works on the Page Plus network with voice and text, but not with data.

In addition to certain phone brands, phones set up on certain carriers may not be compatible with the Page Plus network. Some examples of these include phones on the AT&T, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS and Straight Talk networks. Phones set up on Sprint, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile and TracFone are also not compatible. Pre-paid devices and phones listed on the Page Plus frozen or fraudulent list are also not compatible with the network.