How Are Phone Lines Rewired?


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Phone lines are rewired from the Network Interface Device using a Cat 5 cable to connect to the proper colors in the phone jacks. Only two strands are used for a single phone line. The other two strands can be used for a second line. To convert a line one to a line two jack, swap the black wire for green and swap the yellow for red.

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How Are Phone Lines Rewired?
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The old wiring format uses only 4 strands. This only accommodates two lines. If you are rewiring your phone lines to accommodate multiple lines, you may need to use a six or eight strand wire. The four strand wire uses green, black, yellow and red wires. The six strand wires have blue, orange, and green pairs with white, while the eight strand wire has blue, orange, green, and brown pairs with white. You will need to match the green to the white/blue wire, the red to the blue/white wire, the black to the white/orange wire, and the yellow to the orange/white wire. To verify that everything is connected properly, check your phone line for a dial tone. IIf there is no dial tone, the phone line may need to be repaired by the phone company.

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