How Do You View All of a Person's Tweets on Twitter?

person-s-tweets-twitter Credit: Garrett Heath/CC-BY 2.0

View all of a Twitter user's tweets by viewing his full profile; this is where all of his tweets are listed. To see tweets on Twitter, you must sign up for a Twitter account and log in.

  1. Search for the user or find him on your feed

    To search for the user, access the Twitter search bar at the right of the top menu bar. You can also bypass the search option, and click on the person's profile picture directly from your feed.

  2. Click on the person's profile picture

    Click in the user's profile picture when it pops up under the search bar. This lets you go to the profile page. If you find him through your feed, you must click on View Full Profile when his profile summary pops up.

  3. Scroll the user's list of tweets

    All of the user's tweets are listed in the middle of his profile page, with newer tweets listed first. Scroll down to see older tweets. Pinned tweets appear above all tweets, including newer ones. As you scroll, more tweets load. On some versions of the Twitter app, you have to click the View All Tweets link that is between the third tweet and the list of the user's photos. If you also want to see his replies to tweets, click on the Tweets and Replies tab.