How Does a Person Delete a Friend From a Facebook Account?


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To remove someone as a friend on Facebook, from the personal profile page, locate the friend and then use the "Unfriend" option. The friend won't be notified of this action, nor will the friend's posts appear on the timeline anymore. A removal doesn't have to be a permanent decision though, because the action can be undone by submitting a new friend request.

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The average adult Facebook user has 338 friends, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center Internet Project survey. To prune the list, Facebook has a built-in function. However, the social networking company cautions that unfriending a Facebooker means automatically being removed from that Facebooker's list of friends as well.

  1. Find all friends
  2. Click the username from the top menu, with the user's profile icon, and then scroll down to the friends area and locate the friend to be deleted.

  3. Select a friend to delete
  4. Float the mouse cursor over the "Friends" button above the profile of the Facebooker to be deleted.

  5. Remove the Facebooker as a friend
  6. Select "Unfriend" to remove the Facebooker as a friend. If a new friend request is submitted to add the Facebooker as a friend again, then the Facebooker will become aware that this unfriending action was obviously previously taken.

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