What Are the Perks of Using PowerTeacher?


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PowerTeacher is a web-based grade-book application that, manufacturer Pearon claims, allows teachers the functionality of installed software grade books without needing any such installation. It also allows the use of the grade book from any compatible computer with an Internet connection.

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Pearson claims that PowerTeacher has a clean design that separates it from other grade-book programs. The program also offers many assignment and grading options, including assignment categories, a score inspector for grading large numbers of assignments, and nine separate types of teacher reports. PowerTeacher allows organization by assignment, class or individual student. It even includes a spell checker.

PowerTeacher provides a wide range of other features useful to teachers, including seating charts, attendance, scheduling and notifications. Seating charts allow more efficient attendance taking and include a student photo feature to help remember names. The attendance feature allows teachers to view multiple days of attendance for both individual students or the whole class. Teacher notifications include student birthdays, as well as new and dropped students.

Pearson also offers a mobile app version of PowerTeacher, allowing grade book use on iPads in locations where a desktop or laptop computer is not convenient. PowerTeacher seamlessly integrates with the PowerSchool line of Pearson products, which claim to provide full school solutions for teachers, students and parents. Pearson also offers mobile app versions of PowerSchool products.

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