How Do You Perform a System Restore on an EMachines Computer?

Restore your eMachines computer using the installed system recovery utility. Use this method if you do not have your Windows installation disc and need to restore your computer to factory defaults or working order.

  1. Back up your data

    If you can log in to your computer, back up your files to a flash drive, a disc or a cloud server. Afterward, log out of Windows, and power down the computer. On an eMachines notebook, plug in the power supply before restarting.

  2. Restart the computer

    Power on the computer. When you see the eMachines logo, press the Alt and F10 keys. If you see the Windows boot screen, press Enter to move ahead.

  3. Access eRecovery Management

    In the Acer eRecovery Management window, click Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults. Read the warning before continuing, and note that Acer removes all your information during the recovery. Click Next.

  4. Restore your computer

    Click Next on the new screen, and click OK. Wait for the eRecovery Management software to restore your computer, which may reboot several times during the process. After the utility finishes, follow the on-screen prompts for personalizing and setting up the operating system. Lastly, copy your backup files to the computer, and run Windows Update.