How Do You Perform a Master Reset on an LG Phone?


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Initiate a master reset on an LG phone from either the phone's Setting menu or by holding down a combination of keys when the phone restarts. The precise method differs depending on the phone and the version of Android operating system installed on it.

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How Do You Perform a Master Reset on an LG Phone?
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It is advisable to back up the contents of your LG phone to an external device or cloud storage before initiating a master reset, as the process wipes all data in the phone's internal memory and storage. After backing up the phone, you can perform the reset by navigating to the General menu in the phone's Settings app and selecting the Backup & Reset option. Select the Factory Data Reset option to initiate the master reset.

If it is not possible to access the phone's menus, you can try to initiate the master reset with a button combination. Shut down the phone by holding down its Power button or removing and reinserting its battery. Turn the phone back on while holding down the Power and Volume Down keys. Release the Power button when the LG logo appears, press the button again, and hold down both keys until the Factory Reset menu appears. In some versions of Android, it is necessary to hold both the Volume Up and Volume Down keys in addition to the Power button when initiating a master reset.

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